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The Facets of Orlando: Islam


As I mentioned in the earlier commentary I will be taking each facet individually and working through them to come to the reality or truth of each facet.  We begin with ththe attackers faith that supposedly drove him or guided him to this horrendous act of violence.  It is worth notin that moral and authoritative equivalence between the worlds great religions has become the norm. Yet when one closely examines the religions it becomes readily apparent that they are not the same and are not equal in claims, content, or authority.


Who are the primary authorities of Islam?

What are the primary beliefs of Islam?

What are the non negotiable tenets of Islam?

How does Islam see the laws of sovereign nations in respect to its tenets?

What are the adherents of Islam to do in a multicultural setting when liberal western democracy does not share the same values as the adherents of Islam?


What should this man have done if he were obedient to the tenets of Islam, was he acting in accordance with the aforementioned tenets or was he acting conversely to the express beliefs of Islam?


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